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Best for families: In the heart of the Baixa area and offering views of Rossio Square and Bairro Alto, this family-aimed apartment in the Portuguese capital has two bedrooms.

Au centre de la ville, pas loin du Rossio [...] accedez à votre appartement [...] c'est plein de charme!

From the 6th floor of this historic building, Lisbon's roofs are like the waves. They undulate from all the windows of this charming apartment. Even from its stunning shower, the old castle along the River Tage appears like an island while bell towers seem like rocks.

A HSF reorganizou o mobiliário, decorou o apartamento de modo a torná-lo mais acolhedor, fez o design da iluminação e criou três ambientes distintos: zona de refeições, zona de estar e zona de dormir.

Olivier vermietet das beste Appartement für Familien - das sagen zumindest die Nutzer des Anbieters HouseTrip. Fest steht: Von seiner Terrasse hat man einen der schönsten ausblicke über Lissabon.

É preciso valorizar este património

Olivier vacation apartments in Lisbon are so well designed, they have been featured on various news shows and magazines. You can see why!

Mercedes Brennan in 1 Chic Retreat | May 23, 2014

Featured apartment: Bright Home Office at downtown Lisbon with Sun Deck

Olivier Apartments in Lisbon use both darker and lighter blue in the bed pillows and sofa; the juxtoposition between the white walls, furniture and linens against the sky colors infuses the space with a deep sense of serenity. It’s not surprising that Olivier Apartments have some of the highest booking rates in all of Lisbon.

Mercedes Brennan in 1 Chic Retreat | February 26, 2015

Featured apartment: Bright Home Office at downtown Lisbon with Sun Deck

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Coqueto apartamento para 4 personas.

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[...] meet Olivier, one of HouseTrip’s Expert Hosts in Lisbon. Olivier is a font of information on the best secret sights in Portugal’s historic capital

Guests come from United States, France, Spain, England, Portugal. All over the world."

In HouseTrip (acquired by TripAdvisor) ad | 2011

Featured apartment (before the new décor update  😊): Bright Home Office at downtown Lisbon with Sun Deck

A Baixa Pombalina começa a ser vivida por uma camada mais jovem, que adapta as suas casas com imaginação, espírito prático, cor e poesia.

O exemplo está à vista nestas águas-furtadas, abertas num open-space, onde as pombas vêm descansar.

In Casa Cláudia | 1999

Featured apartment (before the new décor update 😊): Bright Home Office at downtown Lisbon with Sun Deck